Divorce Real Estate

My team and I help divorcing homeowners make informed decisions regarding secure housing debt as well as providing a Home Ownership Eligibility review. We also provide information that will help you

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This information is not intended to replace Legal assistance but is used as a resource to help guide you to your much-needed answers.

Being Mindful In Divorce

Meet Michelle Petrowski

Protect Your Future Assets

Michelle Petrowski is a Financial Planner specifically trained in Divorce. She has a wealth of information to share with divorcing families and helps families with fair division of assets.

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Another Solution That Can Help

Mediation is becoming more popular with divorcing couples and allows couples to end the relationship amicably.

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What is Discovery?

Consider a Divorce Mortgage Review

Each divorcing party is responsible to share all assets and debts so they can be included in the divorce negotiations.

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What is Your Housing Eligibility?

Understanding your numbers and what you can afford as a single person is important information.

Rent vs Buy

What's happening with Home Values

Need a place to start

Know how and where to search for information

When you are ready for your Real Estate Professional, they will be an excellent resource for information, however you may want to learn where values are at prior to speaking with them.

Home Values

Need to Move?

Check Out The Schools

Schools may be an important part of your decision of where you will be moving to. Research communities and the schools that serve them.

School Info

How Does Rising Rates Affect You...

Rising interest rates will affect the affordability of a home. Therefore, it is best to start with a plan that meets where you are currently at instead of waiting.


Insolvent Spouse?

Protect Your Credit

Arizona is a Community Property state.

Did you know that if one spouse is insolvent, his or her creditors can go after the other spouse’s assets in a Community Property State? Learn how to protect yourself.

What About Debt?

Prior to Marriage Debts

Generally, debts that occurred PRIOR to the marriage remain as the separate property of the spouse that took it out. Their creditors are unable to reach one party’s separate property.

Gifts & Inheritances

Gifts and Inheritances to one spouse is owned solely by that person. And if you do choose to remarry, you can protect yourself and not be liable for your new spouses’ debts that they acquired before.

Liens Follow the Property

What about liens on your home? Did you know that your Mortgage Statement does not reflect the actual balance owed? And there may be liens that are not reflected on that mortgage statement.

Protect YOUR Credit Score

Your #1 Asset in Divorce

The Credit Score is your #1 Asset to protect during a divorce. Did you know that a positive credit score will open doors to you as a single person?

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Rules about Alimony

And Child Support

Talk With A Lender To Learn More

If you do choose to sell and purchase your own home, understanding what you qualify for as well as what the underwriting guidelines are will be important for you and your legal representative.

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How To Choose A Lawyer

The First-Step is the Hardest

The first step is the hardest and choosing the right lawyer to represent you even more important. Full or Self-representation? Get educated on your options so you can make informed decisions.

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Your Divorce Real Estate Team

Is Not Just Your Lawyer

Get Help With Financial Research

Your RCS-D Mortgage Loan Officer, your REALTOR and your Financial Advisor will also be a part of your team. Each one providing guidance and education to assist you in making those decisions

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